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Ready to turn your life around?

As a high-profile individual, you face unique challenges that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Our powerful life turnaround program is discreet, bespoke to you, and specifically designed for the unique issues and situations high-profile individuals face to help you overcome these challenges and become a positive influence for all who follow.

With the support of Your Life Turnaround Coach, you'll discover the proven path to success and fulfillment, and you'll learn how to manage anything life throws at you so that you can get what you really want.

Schedule a confidential, introductory chat, and let's take the first step together toward a life of confidence, resilience, and inspiration.


You deserve to be happy anD successful.

I'm Patrick Diamond

Founder and Head Coach

High-profile individuals are two to three times more likely to struggle with substance abuse, and rates of depression and anxiety are three times higher than the general population.  If our most influential individuals aren't well, what does that do to us a society?

Since 2016, I've helped hundreds of individuals facing overwhelming circumstances to take control of their lives and turn things around.


My own journey required me to turn my life around when I found myself going from a CEO experiencing overnight success to hitting rock bottom over and over again, eventually finding myself broke, addicted, in jail, and ending up homeless and living on skid row.  

Because I've been there, I KNOW you can overcome overwhelming circumstances quickly and turn your life around so that you can be the role model you want to be.  


Because when our role models are thriving, we all win.

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You can take control of your life


1. Schedule a chat

Have a confidential call with Patrick to see if you're a fit to work together, and understand what you want to accomplish.


2. Create a Plan

Together we'll craft a specific, actionable plan to overcome your challenges and accomplish your goals.


2. Get Results

We work the plan together, providing you with the knowledge, support, and accountability you need to get the results you want and experience success.

Lisa M. - Laguna Beach, CA

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"Patrick is TRULY talented at what he does!! It never ceases to amaze me that in just a short session I can have SOO many AH-HA moments. You know those break through moments that completing change the trajectory of where you are going? Or how you see something? Those moments have made me who I am today. A mindful mother, a top producing highly successful business owner, a leader, a friend, and soo much more. 

My life did a 180° change.  I can't even begin to tell you the MASSIVE amounts of success I have had in my business, relationships, mentality, productivity, physical health, spiritual health, and over all wellness since I started coaching with Patrick. I can't begin to recommend him highly enough. I you have even considered hiring a coach, I absolutely 100% recommend you call Patrick. There is no one else out there like him."

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